The Need for Order

When I first came into contact with Star Wars (2007) I was introduced to the prequels first. I read the books for Episodes I-III, along with several other accompanying novels and the Dark Horse “Clone Wars” comics (excellent, by the way).

My next foray was the Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn. These books are very good and kicked off the whole Expanded Universe (EU) of Star Wars. The EU is now known as “Legends” post-Disney, even though there are some things, such as Thrawn, that carry over into Disney’s Star Wars canon.

Anyway, the Thrawn books were good, and the next ones I read were the Jedi Academy series. These follow Luke as he attempts to establish a new school to train Jedi. He’s just making it up as he goes, basically, since he himself had no formal training. These books bring up some characters from the past, mainly Sith Lords. One even possesses a student.

I was really enjoying the lore at this point. I discovered Wookiepedia and engrossed myself in the “history” of the Star Wars universe. I began to notice a pattern woven throughout all of this. From the beginning, the people who would become the Sith always generated from within the Jedi Order, whatever form that may be in at the time. It usually happened because of two reasons: 1) The Jedi had to remain emotionally unattached; 2) The Jedi were not proactive, they were reactive.



The Jedi Order was predicated foremost on the idea that they should not become “involved”. While this sounds good in theory, it is impossible to implement in practice. So, you pull an infant away from it’s family before it has been nurtured and place him/her in a sterile environment. No love. No compassion. No bonding. Only aloofness and discipline. No wonder most of the Jedi seem to be psychopaths, and the ones that somehow still retain a semblance of emotion are judged to be “wrong”.

I read over and over where a Jedi would fall in love but feel guilty about it. This usually would lead them to abandon the Order. My thought became, “Is attachment what drives them away from the light, or is it the stigma placed on it by the Jedi that does so?”

So, to tie this into the Empire, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader in particular, Anakin is found by Qui-Gon Jinn, who is himself somewhat of an outcast from the Jedi, and Jinn wants to train the young man. Qui-Gon is not allowed to free Anakin’s mother from slavery and so the boy is separated at 8 years old from his mother. And you wonder why Yoda sensed much fear in Anakin? His mom was a slave on a far away world and he was not allowed to see her. I think any normal boy would feel this way.

Jedi apologists say, “This proves that you must be emotionally aloof to be a successful Jedi.”

I say this proves that the Jedi were self-centered doofuses who sought to tell people how they could think or feel. Idiots who thought they could change nature. Sound familiar?

I think I see an echo in our current day. People that tell others that they can’t feel a certain way about abortion, or trans-people, or anything that is being pushed by the leftist agenda. YOU MUST CONFORM they say. WRONGTHINK MUST BE PUNISHED.

So biology has become obsolete. The FACT that males are born with penises and females with vaginas has become muddied by their desire to tell us what we can think. Trying to play God and change what is natural. Just like the Jedi.

Normal humans can’t turn off their emotions without becoming a psycho, Master Yoda. Normal humans don’t think they’re a woman trapped in a man’s body. Trans-whatever are mentally ill or seeking attention, or both.



The Jedi would take infants from their homes before they were self-aware. This robbed the child of identifying with their genetic heritage and, I believe, was the cause of much of the conflict that constantly boiled through the Order.

The child would never know the loving touch of their mother, the joy of playing with siblings, or the strength of their father. Instead they got cold, dispassionate discipline from instructors who themselves had never known love. It was like a psycho factory.

Today, the system would have our mothers place their infants in state-run daycare centers and then propaganda-infused schools throughout their formative years. In these places of “education” our sons are told they are inferior and placed on psychotropic medication and our daughters encouraged to promiscuity.

Is it any wonder we have seen an increase in school violence and a decrease in the quality of education? I encourage any readers to seriously reconsider sending your child to a government school. I never attended public school until community college, and God willing, my children will not step foot in a government propaganda center.

The state is about replacing God and family with the religion of government. Do not let them do this. Keep your children close. If at all possible, men, have your wives stay home to raise your children. There is no higher calling than rearing your progeny with your principles and ideals. Don’t let others raise your children.



The Jedi refused to intervene in a situation unless they were directly asked to or they were attacked. This was an asinine position as it led to much bloodshed and chaos that could have been avoided with a little preventative measuring. How many times was a corrupt official allowed to oppress his constituents because the Jedi were so rigid in their beliefs? How many people that could have made great Jedi were turned away because they were either too old or their family was unwilling to turn them over?

Revan was one of my favorite characters. He was ostracized because he wanted to strike the Sith Empire first, but the blind Jedi Council exiled him in all but name. So he took matters into his own hands. What a waste of potential. All because of rigid ideological beliefs.

So-called conservatives are reactive. They wait on the regressives to strike, then react to them. It’s time to take the fight to them. Point out their logical inconsistencies. When all else fails and they reach the point of emotional tarring and feathering, just laugh at them. The goal is not to convince them (this is nearly impossible) but to convince others around of the fallacy of the left’s emotional governing.



I’ve chased a couple of rabbits here, but my key point is this: After seeing his mother left behind by a self-absorbed, arrogant Jedi Order. After seeing the indecisiveness and outright uncaring attitude of the Republic and their guardians. After seeing how one man with a grand plan could bring order and safety to the galaxy, is it any wonder that Anakin Skywalker would turn from the chaotic, pell-mell disarray of the Republic and seek to rule with dignity his new Empire?

And why was it wrong to seek order to provide safety, when the other outcome is continuous bloodshed and strife? Order is always preferable to chaos.

There is a need for order.


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